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Our compass illuminates paths of success with the wisdom of experience and a beacon of innovation. 

~Rob Skuba

Welcome to Lantern Room Marketing:
Evolving Expertise in Digital Marketing


I'm Rob, the driving force behind Lantern Room Marketing. Our digital marketing expertise dates back to 1998, starting with a web design on a Sony Web TV. My journey into SEO began in 2003 with a significant online sale in the car audio business that completely changed how I look at the "web" or "information super highway".

The recession of 2008 forced me to close the automotive shop, and I ventured into the home security, smart home, and home theater sector industries. From installation and design to sales and manufacture repping' my passion has always been marketing with story telling. My experiences working with industry experts like Theo Kalomirakis have profoundly shaped our strategies. In 2018, I founded National Smart Home and "Smart Home Day," aiming to bring awareness to the industry and connect homeowners with top-notch custom installers. Today, I want to tell your story!

At Lantern Room Marketing, we understand Google is sales, social media is marketing, and your business needs money, not disingenuous likes. When someone searches Google, they are looking to spend money on the services you offer. It is completely different than posting on social media and interrupting their feed.

We're committed to enhancing your business's presence and success in today's competitive digital environment. If I can help in any way, please reach out.

​     Sincerely,                                                  

Rob Skuba           
Founder, Lantern Room Marketing

Helping You Navigate the Digital Seas:
Solutions from The Lantern Room

Our Philosophy: Humanizing Technology

Delving Deep:
Unveiling Your Brand's Essence

Our Services:
Crafting Digital Excellence

At Lantern Room Marketing, we believe technical specifications and sales pitches come second, we focus on the human stories and connections that technology enables. Our approach is centered on creating an emotional resonance with your audience. We create strategies that are memorable and effective with deeply engaging content on an emotional level.

Our approach goes beyond surface-level analysis. We dive into the core of what makes your brand special, exploring the values, visions, and experiences that define you. This deep understanding allows us to craft authentic and compelling marketing strategies that truly reflect who you are.

Lantern Room Marketing is a name synonymous with digital excellence. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the evolving needs of your industry. Our focus goes beyond merely providing services; we aim to forge a unique digital identity for your brand. Our strategy is a blend of innovative techniques and compelling storytelling, designed to make your brand not just visible in the digital world but also deeply resonant with your audience.

Navigating Your Brand's Digital Journey:
Our Three-Phase Approach

Welcome to Lantern Room Marketing, where we guide your brand through a transformative digital journey. Our approach is a carefully structured three-phase process, designed to elevate your brand.  This journey involves a deep understanding of your brand, creative realization of your digital identity, and continuous optimization and adaptation.


Discovery and Strategy 

Our journey begins with the Discovery phase. Here, we dive deep to understand your brand's unique identity, goals, and challenges. This phase is crucial for laying the groundwork of a successful marketing strategy. We identify your most profitable products and services and tailor our approach to align with your business objectives. This ensures efficiency and maximizes returns.


Design and Launch

With the strategy in place, we enter the Design phase. Here, our creative and technical teams work together to turn the strategic plan into a concrete digital presence. The culmination of this phase is the Launch, where we carefully prepare to debut your brand in the digital world. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and effective launch, aiming to capture and engage your audience.


Observe, Monitor, Adapt

After the launch, our focus shifts to Observation and Monitoring. We closely track the performance of your digital assets, analyzing key metrics to understand how your audience interacts with your brand. In the fast-paced digital world, staying adaptable is key. Our team keeps up with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring your marketing strategies are not only relevant but also innovative. 

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