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  • Rob Skuba

Create flexible web pages that give info but also convert visitors to sales.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Your website is your virtual showroom and it can really impress visitors without a large investment. It can also be the difference between a client choosing you or your competitor-
Just like a real showroom you want maximum visibility to obtain traffic. Once in the showroom you want visitors to feel comfortable with confident thoughts of "this is the team for me"! Does your website express the quality of your work? Do your web pages provide key info like project prices, processes and pictures? Google has changed their algorithm and it is focused around "User Experience". Everyone consumes content differently and you must cater to everyone. This means having photos, a video and of course written info that includes an introduction and commonly asked questions. Pricing doesn't have to be specific but everyone always want to know "how much".

When you design a page it has to be flexible to convert as many visitors as possible. For local visitors the page serves as information and a testimonial to your work, there should also be a buy now button to convert "out of territory" visitors. Online sales will only grow and you do not have to invest in a full on ecommerce site but build it up over time. Be the local authority that delivers tech to your community.

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