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  • Rob Skuba

Create more traffic with more keywords by offering more services

Updated: May 19, 2021

When "GO BIG AND STAY HOME" was the campaign Tony at HiDEF was looking to run, we knew this had to be big, huge, even unimaginable! And I think we nailed it! No, it is not for everyone but for some it is and even if it is not for you, we still think this page will get everyone gawking like there was a 747 landing in their neighbors backyard. There aren't many options for Megalithic outdoor TV's or dealers that can execute such behemoth projects but we were more than happy to over exceed on this page for Tony and the guys at HiDEF. We are definitely looking forward to how our keyword and traffic strategy results on google, we are confident this will yield a massive ROI. More niche pages = more niche keywords = more traffic = more clients. Go big with your virtual showroom (website) or stay home, waiting for the phone to ring- Click through for a larger than life mind blowing experience!

More keywords leads to more traffic
Add more services to your website for more keywords

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