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  • Rob Skuba

Does your marketing agency really know SEO?

Updated: May 19, 2021

How can you see if a web company really understands SEO? Ask google! Do a few searches and look at the results. If they do not have first page results for multiple search terms, do not waste your money. If your not sure, ask them for a few website examples, note the topics from a few pages and put them into google with the county or state and see how they fair in SEO An even better indicator is if they are building sites for multiple companies in the same territory. If they are, they have no concern for your rankings. National Smart Home only brings on one dealer per county because we can’t have dealers competing with each other in the google results. There are only ten positions on the first page and no one goes to the second page. NSH members also have a greater chance of getting the sale because we build directories in areas that include them. In the video below National Smart Home dealers take up 5-6 results on the first page, we give them the greatest advantage over any industry organization... solid sales leads! Google is sales, social media is branding, just call any NSH member and ask them! Blue boxes in Video indicate NSH dealer.

Google is sales - Social Media is branding. We learned this after looking at the analytics of a few accounts. After posting 5 to 7 times a week on social and comparing the inbound traffic to google organic search. The social traffic for a month averaged around 20-30 visits per month while google organic brought in 800 to 1300 visitors. We also saw a very low "time on page" and high "bounce rate" from social media visitors. This is because when someone searches on google, it's exactly what they are looking for and want more info on the searched topic, when they come from social, the intent and interest just isn't as strong. How do you get 1000+ local visitors from google? Good content and user experience, give them what they are looking for with the ability to dig deeper. We call it the "hub" page, an overview of the topic with a very popular keyword phrase. Then we will add "spoke" pages over time which support the hub page. Google wants to be the best and having content that satisfies their users is the only way to the top! Your not going to rank #1 for "outdoor lighting long island" if the page also talks about outdoor TV's and outdoor speakers. Every page needs a specific topic, just ask any National Smart Home Member!

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