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  • Rob Skuba

Google is sales, Social Media is branding

Updated: May 19, 2021

Are you looking for more sales leads? Google is sales - Social Media is branding. When someone searches google, they are looking to spend money, it is completely different than someone seeing your post and interrupting their social media feed. I think many of us get caught up in the "dopamine drops" when we get a like, comment or maybe even a share. I believe it is time to re-train our brain to seek out the dopamine drop when the register rings! We know you do not want a website, you want more leads from people with an intent to purchase the services you offer. Being at the top of google will completely change your lead generation and skyrocket your business! That's why people pay for google ads, but as you know, competitors click your ads and deplete you ad spend. You probably also know, 80% of searchers do not click on paid ads. How much of your time do you spend crafting social media posts? How much are you paying your sales people? How much are you paying your current SEO company and what is your return? Consider those investments and then look at the numbers below. Let us know when your ready for Dopamine drops with an ROI! Google is sales, Social media is branding, just call and ask any of our National Smart Home partners!

Google is sales, Social Media is branding
Google is sales, Social Media is branding

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