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  • Rob Skuba

Looking for a wire manufacturer

Updated: May 19, 2021

Do you manufacture wire or pre-wire materials? Tom Curnin of Bravo AV has some amazing content with a great opportunity for a manufacture willing to partner on profit. You can see some of the numbers below with 99 keywords relative to "wire" bringing in well over 1500 visitors per month and traffic is valued at $845 a month. How much are you spending on google ads a month? As a wire manufacturer you would have FREE instant visibility to consumers looking for your product. If you do not offer it, amazon does and will gladly take their money. We are not looking for the cheapest wire, Bravo AV is a respected brand with knowledgeable content. We are looking for a manufacturer to list wire and pre-wire products to sell online. Orders would be paid up front and shipped from you to the consumer. National Smart Home is able to list your products on all of their dealer websites giving you more awareness and online sales. All pricing is set and monitored by NSH which dealers do not have access to and can not manipulate their online pricing. This absolutely protects MSRP and MAP for manufacturers. Its 2021 and it is time for online sales- The Tech Reps are the only agency creating multiple streams of revenue for our dealers through their virtual showrooms and traffic strategies.

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