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Market your solutions instead of manufacturers and "brands"

Updated: May 19, 2021

Your branding your name but not marketing solutions While National Smart Home is still looking to partner with manufacturers to feature on our dealers sites I thought it would be helpful for you to understand basic traffic strategies. The video below is a prime example of how 99% of manufacturers are branding themselves. In this example we are using a very popular speaker brand. They receive about 4000 organic search visitors per month, BUT the issue is, 99% of traffic comes only when people use the speaker brand or a specific model number of the speaker manufacturer. For optimum traffic you need to rank for the higher volume searches of “solutions” (without your name) If your getting 136 visitors per month when people search “your brand outdoor speakers” imagine the traffic you would receive if you ranked for just “outdoor speakers” that has 30,000 monthly searches. HiDEF receives over 1000 visitors for unbranded speaker searches! (See end of video) This is not only for speaker manufacturers but all manufacturers. Market solutions not your name, unless your Nike With lockdowns becoming more prevalent, online sales will increase but the online market place is going to become more and more saturated. Reach out if I can help further.

Keywords matter. I was on a manufacturer's website and like 99% there is no keyword strategy. Keyword: "a word that acts as the key to a cipher or code" For their distributed audio page, they used the phrase "distribution solution", which it is but as you can imagine this would be a better keyword for a 3rd part warehouse distribution center. The home audio manufacturer should have used: Whole house Audio Amplifier Multi-Room Audio Amplifier Home Audio Distribution Amplifier or

put some of those into Google's keyword planner to see search volume and other recommendations. Also, using Amplifier on multiple pages in different keyword phrases (home theater amp, 2 channel amp etc..) Would "amplify" their results for all amplifiers since it is indicating to google its a common keyword across the site. Many manufacturers unknowingly use their name in keyword strategies, you are better off marketing the solution. More people are going to search "Speaker Receiver" or "home theater receiver" over a "brand name" and that's where you win new sales! Dealers should focus on local keyword strategies, going for the keyword "home automation" is a lot more difficult and will have a lot less conversions than "home town home automation".

Market your solutions instead of manufacturers and "brands" 4
Market your solutions instead of manufacturers and "brands" 4

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