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  • Rob Skuba

Maximizing TV Sales: A Strategic Approach for Sellers & Installers

In the dynamic world of TV sales and installations, understanding consumer behavior is paramount. While the Super Bowl season has traditionally been a peak sales period, there's a compelling case to be made for shifting our focus. Let's delve into why promoting TV sales before the football season might be the game-changer your business needs.

The Super Bowl Paradox

The Super Bowl is undeniably a major event, but it's just one game. If we pivot our sales strategy to the start of the football season, we're offering customers an entire season of top-tier experiences. This not only enhances their viewing pleasure but also positions your business as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Winter's Indoor Appeal

With winter approaching pre-football season, consumers will naturally spend more time indoors. This is the perfect opportunity to promote not just TVs, but comprehensive home entertainment solutions. Consider Mirror TV's features, home theaters, or advanced surround sound systems. By doing so, you're not just selling a product; you're offering an immersive experience.

Economic Incentives

Historically, major brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG release new models in the spring. By summer's end, these models often see price adjustments. This presents a golden opportunity. By promoting sales at this time, you can offer customers cutting-edge technology at potentially lower prices. Plus, with the holiday season around the corner, bundling TVs with special offers or discounts can further boost sales.

Harnessing the Football Frenzy: A Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Football is more than just a game; it's a passion that unites millions. As we approach the season, it's essential to tap into this fervor across all our marketing channels. Here's how we can keep football top-of-mind and maximize our outreach:

  • Sports Radio Ads: Football commentary and discussions dominate the airwaves during the season. Capitalize on this by placing a 30-second ad during prime driving times, emphasizing how your offerings can elevate the football viewing experience. Estimated cost: $250.

  • Trivia Nights at Sports Bars: Football fans flock to sports bars, not just to watch games but to immerse themselves in the sport's culture. Hosting a football-themed trivia night at a local upscale sports bar can be a fantastic engagement strategy. Offer prizes that resonate with football enthusiasts, such as exclusive game-day tech bundles or memorabilia. And, of course, place "table tents" with our special discounts on every table, ensuring every attendee is aware of our offerings.

  • Email Campaigns: Keep the football theme consistent in your email marketing. Regularly update your customer base with the latest football-centric offers, bundles, and technological advancements. Use subject lines that resonate with the season, like "Score Big with Our Latest TV Deals!" or "Every Game Deserves the Best View!" This approach ensures your brand remains top-of-mind and taps into the season's excitement.

  • Social Media: The digital realm is abuzz with football chatter. Engage with your audience through regular posts that blend football and your offerings seamlessly. Share posts that highlight how your products enhance the game-day experience, run football-themed promotions, and use interactive content like polls or quizzes centered around the sport. Showcase customer testimonials, especially those that highlight improved football viewing experiences, and promote limited-time offers that cater specifically to football fans.

By keeping our marketing efforts football-centric, we not only tap into the prevailing mood but also position our brand as one that truly understands and caters to the passions of our audience.

Value-Added Perks

To further entice customers, consider offering value-added perks:

  1. Gift Certificates: Partner with local sports stores to offer gift certificates. This not only promotes the purchase of a new TV but also encourages customers to get gear to support their favorite team.

  2. NFL Sunday Ticket: Offer a free year of NFL Sunday Ticket with select TV purchases. This provides added value and enhances the overall viewing experience.

  3. Game Day Baskets: Curate baskets with snacks, beverages, and other game day essentials. This small gesture can significantly enhance the purchase experience.


In the competitive landscape of TV sales and installations, differentiation is key. By rethinking our sales strategy and offering comprehensive solutions, we can provide unparalleled value to our customers. Let's not just sell technology; let's offer experiences that bring families and friends together, making every game day special.

Rob Skuba

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