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  • Rob Skuba

Plan the content of your website before your build.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Re-think your "web presence"-

If you think in terms of a website, you publish 5 pages and call it a day. This strategy will never rank, will not give an ROI and has 0 growth potential.

If you consider your website as more of a virtual showroom that continually evolves and expands, you will completely change your incoming lead generation.

Having a well planned site map is key as well as continuing to add solution specific pages. As your solution pages grow build relevant "directories" These directories are a single page that connect common theme pages (outdoor solutions or shade solutions etc) Build your solution pages first because it will be easier to rank those, then when you have 3-4 relevant solution pages (spokes), build a directory (hub) to tie the theme together. Simple AV is looking for more "motorized shade" market share. So the strategy begins with a few "brand" pages that will rank quickly. We built a Lutron page, Powershades page and this outdoor page. These three spokes' will now support a "directory page" that goes for the popular search term "Motorized Shades Austin". Google will see consistency from 4 pages of motorized shades and it will be easier to rank. As the internet grows it gets more and more difficult to rank, have a plan before you build!

Plan the content of your website before your build.
Plan the content of your website before your build.

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