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What is the ROI of your website?

Updated: May 19, 2021

What is your "home run" average? No, not your average wire length run in a pre-wire, I mean when your the closer' of a home run project. Tom Curnin always asks me for more "at bats", he gets that everything is a numbers game and the more at bats, the better chance he is going close on that home run project. The more pitches, the more he gets to choose which ones he is going to swing at. In MLB the average game has 146 pitches with 1.39 home runs. Are you tracking how many marketing dollars it takes to get an email or call? How many emails and calls to get a meeting? How many meetings to get a deposit? The Tech Reps do not build websites, we build pitching machines! We start your machine with the largest volume of searches, TV Installations, which most dealer websites do not even have a dedicated page for! If they are looking for a TV installer this means they do not have a home tech expert and missing the boat on a lot of other solutions you offer to simplify their life while saving them time and money. We do not have a single client that does not exceed their monthly ROI from their "pitching machine". If your website is not paying for itself on a monthly basis, it is time to call the dugout! BATTER UP!

Your website should be giving you an ROI
How to get an ROI on your website

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