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Your Brand IS THE BRAND!

The Tech Reps Are SEO and Branding Experts NJ
Your Brand Is THE BRAND!

From my inbox:

Rob, a (buying group, distributor, digital agency or manufacturer) wants to market a specific brand for me through google my business, an email campaign or website, can you give me your thoughts on why or why not to do it?

Dear Dealer,

If you do not have a marketer or current google my business, do it, it’s better than your efforts now.

If you understand the power of google my business, your website and value of your email list steer clear-

Website- volume search driven. Use keywords to build high volume pages. A page keyworded for TV installation will get hundreds more visitors than (Sony tv). Always go for the solution not the brand first. If the manufacturer allows you to sell online then build the page but not all “Sony” you will never rank a page for Sony TV - Sony receiver and Sony projector on the same page unlesss your amazon. One page per item.

Google my business: Same thing, set up your GMB with the first service being the most profitable with the least risk / service calls.

Email campaign: why give anyone direct access to your clients? Those are your relationships and only you can express your company culture. Keep control of your business and work with manufacturers that respect you enough not to infringe on your marketing. This also tightens the net on interest, maybe they want the solution but don’t care for the brand?

National Smart Home focuses on solutions with the highest volume searches, because if you change brands or they fall from grace, that page is rendered useless. Invest in your future and always market solutions. When you have covered every solution, then look at brand-

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