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Industry Specific 

In the spirit of innovation and excellence, Lantern Room Marketing proudly serves the forefront of the Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Theater, Security Alarm, and Fire Alarm and Suppression industries. Our approach is tailored to increase your online visibility and conversions through strategic digital marketing.

Our Industry-Specific Expertise
Our deep involvement in the Smart Home and Home Automation sectors is exemplified by the establishment of National Smart Home and the inception of Smart Home Day. These initiatives reflect our commitment to not only understanding but also shaping the future of marketing. In the realm of Home Theater, our relationship with Theo Kalomirakis has enlightened us in the discovery, design and installations of the most opulent home theaters across the globe. 

Specialized Digital Marketing Services
We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Web Design, SEO, Website Analysis, and Email Marketing, for the unique demands of these each industry. Our goal is to forge a digital identity for your brand that resonates deeply with your audience.

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