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Unlocking Business Growth: A Case Study on Effective Web Design and SEO Strategies

Case Study Analytics Of Effective Web Design and SEO Strategies
Case Study Analytics Of Effective Web Design and SEO Strategies

As an industry, smart home dealers face unique challenges in diversifying their marketing efforts. While my recent LinkedIn post for sharing insights received minimal engagement, I remain committed to providing valuable information to help us all thrive. I am a realist and understand that the internet is full of false claims. However, if you are serious about joining National Smart Home, I can arrange meetings with current members who can share their success stories and validate these claims.

Today, I want to share a compelling case study from one of our members, who originally invested $2500 to $3500 per month with an industry focused digital marketing agency and only received 10% of their revenue from these efforts, prior to 2020. Over the next three years, we transformed their business through strategic web design and SEO services with a reduced investment of $2000 per month. Let’s dive into their journey and uncover actionable insights for your business growth.

Summary of Business Growth (2021-2023)


Repeat Customers: 32.6%

Website: 24.5%

Displays/Events: 15.6%

Referral: 13.5%

Local: 8.4%

Friend: 3.7%

Professional Referral: 1.8%

Total Projects: 88


Repeat Customers: 39% (increase of 6.4%)

Website: 38%

Local: 9%

Professional Referral: 5%

Friend: 5%

Displays/Events: 3%

Van Advertising: 1%

Total Projects: 81


Website: 50.4% (increase of 12.4%)

Repeat Customers: 30.2%

Professional Referral: 13%

Local: 3.8%

Van Advertising: 1.1%

Referral: 0.9%

Displays/Events: 0.4%

Total Projects: 95

Analysis of Marketing Channels


  • Significant Growth: Web leads grew from 24.5% in 2021 to 50.4% in 2023.

  • SEO Impact: Improved search engine rankings and visibility significantly attracted new customers.

  • Lead Conversion: Effective lead capture and conversion through the website drove business growth.

Repeat Customers:

  • Consistency: High customer satisfaction and effective retention strategies kept repeat customers strong.

  • Loyalty Programs: Contributed to maintaining a high percentage of repeat business.

Referrals and Local Business:

  • Steady Contribution: Referrals and local business provided a consistent source of projects.

  • Community Engagement: Participation in local events and professional networking maintained a stable referral base.

  • Impact of Web Design and SEO Services

Web Design:

  • User Experience: Improved user experience on their website design led to higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • Mobile Optimization: A mobile-friendly website captured a larger audience.

SEO Services:

  • Higher Rankings: SEO strategies significantly improved search engine rankings.

  • Content Marketing: Regular blog posts, case studies, and optimized content drove organic traffic.


The strategic implementation of web design and SEO services played a pivotal role in this member’s business growth from 2021 to 2023. Enhancing online visibility, improving user experience, and effectively capturing leads increased their customer base and market position.

Takeaway for Businesses

Investing in professional web design and SEO services can lead to substantial growth in customer acquisition and retention, ultimately driving business success.

Moving Forward

My goal is to always exceed your expectations and provide profitable strategies. Knowing your business helps you significantly improve your business. Let’s continue to learn and grow together!

As we mentioned earlier, for those seriously considering joining National Smart Home, I can facilitate meetings with current members who will confirm the authenticity of these results through their own success stories. These meetings are intended for those with a genuine interest in our organization and a commitment to mutual growth. 'Reflecting back, we can tell you that half-hearted participation and a short-term commitment, without essential and timely input, will not yield meaningful results with any marketing agency. Our dealers succeed because of their engagement and dedication as owners to their business, not relying on uninvested employees. These impressive outcomes were achieved with a dedicated $2000 per month investment over three years, highlighting the critical importance of sustained, proactive engagement.

Feel free to reach out to any National Smart Home member on your own and inquire about our track record. With this commitment, you will have a protected territory. If you are looking for a website refresh and not worried about a protected territory, we can work with you as well.

Please share your numbers and experiences—are you tracking your lead generation with a simple “how did you hear about us?” Google is sales – Social media is branding!

Looking forward to our continued success,

Rob Skuba

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